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[31 Oct 2008|06:21pm]

Goldfinger are on the cover of Black Velvet 58 with a 4 page interview with Darrin & Kelly (with more Goldfinger pix) inside.

Visit http://www.blackvelvetmagazine.com for more info.
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[24 Apr 2008|08:44pm]

There's a new 2 page interview with Goldfinger (John) in issue 56 of Black Velvet, out now (and a review of 'Hello Destiny). More info is at http://www.blackvelvetmagazine.com

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Bamboozle Photos [10 Apr 2008|07:25am]


The above link will take you to some great photos taken at Bamboozle fest in Apr 2008.
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Goldfinger / Less Than Jake Pre-Sale [03 Apr 2008|09:22am]

Go here to purchase pre-sale for the Goldfinger/Less than Jake tour.

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Wanna Help Goldfinger? [01 Apr 2008|04:51pm]

Goldfinger needs YOU to distribute some Goldfinger stickers in your city. This means leaving some at some cool record stores, and wherever else you think you could help get the word out about "Hello Destiny"

We need one person in each of the following cities, so fill out the form below and email to goldfingerstreetteam@hotmail.com

If you are chosen you will be contacted. After you finish, email back a list of the places you left stickers at and we will send you a copy of "Hello Destiny", a GF button, and GF poster.



Orangevale, CA

Portland, OR

Vancouver, BC

Seattle, WA

Spokane, WA

Baltimore, MD

Providence, RI

Philadelphia, PA

Royal Oak, MI

Milwaukee, WI

Omaha, NE

The form to fill out:





Phone Number:



Why do you think you should rock your city for Goldfinger:

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Hello Destiny - Get Up [20 Mar 2008|07:27am]


Another new track is up on the page. "Get Up" from our new cd called "Hello Destiny" released April 22nd is up on our player.

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Hello Destiny Tracklist and Artwork [14 Mar 2008|11:31pm]

1 - One More Time

2 - Get Up

3 - Goodbye

4 - Without Me

5 - If I’m Not Right…

6 - War

7 - How Do You Do It

8 - Bury Me

9 - Not Amused

10 - Handjobs For Jesus

11 - Free Kevin Kjonaas

12 - Julian (HIDDEN TRACK)

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Hello Destiny [23 Jan 2008|09:40am]

New CD is out April 22, 2008. It is called "Hello Destiny" we have a new song on our page called "One More Time"...

The artwork is coming soon... and I tell you. It is epic!


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New Song! [03 Jan 2008|09:45am]

[ mood | excited ]

So... We thought it would be a good idea to add a new song to our profile here and get everyone excited for the new CD. It will be out in the spring of this year and a tour should follow in the summer!!! Check our profile for the new track called "One More Time"

Happy New Year!!


posted by :simon

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What the fuck Goldfinger? [13 Apr 2007|08:19am]

Ok, so here's the deal...

we know we promised the record would be out by now & we'd be doing warped tour this year as well as our own thing in the fall. well...shit happens.

we were in the home stretch of the album & everybody was/is really fucking happy with it. we'd found a new home on sideonedummy records & we were making all sorts of tour plans...things were looking really good. i especially was eager to make up for the lost time when i was out of the band to hit the boards and see all your sweaty, screaming faces again.

that's about the time when we got hit by a landslide of bullshit & bad news...most of which fell on my good friend mr. feldmann. first his doctor told him he needed to take some time off the road. we did a short west coast tour last year at which time john tore his knee up really bad. he had surgery & started to heal when, against medical advice we went over to the u.k. where he ripped it open again (see what this man will do to entertain you fuckers?). so this time he's gotta stay put for real & heal or there will be no more diving off of thirty foot speaker stacks onto your heads. as if that wasn't bad enough, his (not even one year old) son had what looked to be a cancerous tumor in his little leg. we all prayed & held our breath while the doctors went to work. i don't know if i believe in god but julian got to see his his first birthday cancer free so maybe someone up there was listening

in addition darrin has been working his ass off with his label high 4 records & becoming canada's answer to howard stern with his radio show on the edge in toronto.

kelly moved from l.a. to his hometown of portland where he was a celebrity instructor at a prestigious music school then moved BACK to l.a. and resumed working with his other band apes of the new millennium.

...and finally yours truly (charlie) has been appearing in really awful t.v. copshows as various criminals when i'm not working with my other band BLACK PRESIDENT. it's real old-school punk rock featuring members of bad religion & guttermouth...listen at your own risk.

as it stands now we're looking at releasing the goldfinger record early next year with a long ass tour to follow...we will be coming for your children. in the meantime we're going in later this month to record a live e.p. (that will include two new songs) to be released on itunes.

thank you for your patience, see you soon~charlie

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Why Charlie left and returned to Goldfinger [08 Sep 2006|09:36am]

Goldfinger's Charlie Paulson told me people keep asking why he left Goldfinger and has now returned. If you are one of those people then I guess you didn't buy Black Velvet 49 yet.

My interview with Charlie has that info - and more. You really need to buy issue 49 of Black Velvet zine if you wanna know his Goldfinger story.

A couple of quotes from the interview:

'The day I actually called John and quit the band, Darrin had jumped over his drumkit in rehearsal and started choking Kelly'.

'About two years ago I tried to kill myself. I wasn't in the band at the time but they all showed up. They came to visit me in the hospital.'

(And back in the band, playing Give it A Name fest:) ' I think there were 15,000 kids at one and 21,000 kids at the other... And they knew all the words to all the songs. It blew my fucking mind, really. I thought 'you boys have been busy in my absence!''

Order Black Velvet 49 from one of the online stores that stock Black Velvet. Or visit www.blackvelvetmagazine.com for more info & the links.
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NEW ALBUM: phase one [22 Jun 2006|02:26pm]


we're in the studio at the beginning of record number 6 for the band, number 4.5 for me (i played on Open Your Eyes but didn't tour for it).

we're setting out to make a real fucking Goldfinger record.
the last couple albums i got to hear as a listener...not as a band member & personally i think the guys did a fine job with some of it but it definitely strayed from what people dig about us.

the first day we sat down @ john's house and in typical mad-scientist fashion his coffee table was covered with random scraps of paper with scribbles & spilt coffee all over them. he said "pick the three you hate the least & we'll start there"...i laughed. he picked up an acoustic guitar & started playing them...
the problem was we didn't hate any of them. there were some that were strong songs but maybe not what we were looking for...still it was not easy to chisel it down to just three.
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[07 Mar 2006|08:20pm]

Does anyone know where I can get an mp3 of the song "Open Your Eyes"? I can't find it on any of the sites where I usually get music from.

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The War Machine Springs To Life [22 Jan 2006|01:27pm]


99 red Balloons Floating In The Summer SkyCollapse )
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Charlie Is Back [19 Jan 2006|07:15pm]

[ mood | excited ]

This is from http://www.myspace.com/goldfinger


...i'm back in the band & we'll be touring our asses off this year.
this means that if you don't add BRIGANDS i will come to your town & burn your house down personally.

hugs & kisses~ charlie

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John's My Space Profile [11 Dec 2005|10:16pm]

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WOOHOO! [30 Nov 2005|06:17pm]

Goldfinger just announced their west coast tour dates with Reel Big Fish and Zebrahead!

Thu 01/05/06 Portland, OR Roseland Theater

Sat 01/07/06 Seattle, WA Showbox

Sun 01/08/06 Spokane, WA Big Easy

Fri 01/13/06 Anaheim, CA House Of Blues (this show I dont think is with RBF)

Sat 01/14/06 Santa Cruz, CA The Catalyst

Sun 01/15/06 San Francisco, CA SF Weekly Warfield

Mon 01/16/06 Petaluma, CA Phoenix Theatre

Tue 01/17/06 San Diego, CA House Of Blues

Thu 01/19/06 Las Vegas, NV House Of Blues

Fri 01/20/06 Hollywood, CA The Avalon (Formerly The Palace)
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[30 Nov 2005|11:41pm]
Click here to take the test.
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[21 Aug 2005|06:36pm]

[ mood | blah ]

I've been feeling really lousy off and on lately. Goldfinger is the only band that can fully brighten my mood during these times, just makes life seem so care-free. Especially Radio.

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[02 Jan 1998|09:35am]

hey,i'm new here. my name's chelsea. i saw goldfinger on february 20 in dc,they were fucking awesome. the start was really good too,i got some awesome pictures of aimmee echo and a couple good ones of john,but he was going insane the whole time,so it was hard to get some really good ones of him. talk to me sometime if you want to see them.
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