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NEW ALBUM: phase one


we're in the studio at the beginning of record number 6 for the band, number 4.5 for me (i played on Open Your Eyes but didn't tour for it).

we're setting out to make a real fucking Goldfinger record.
the last couple albums i got to hear as a listener...not as a band member & personally i think the guys did a fine job with some of it but it definitely strayed from what people dig about us.

the first day we sat down @ john's house and in typical mad-scientist fashion his coffee table was covered with random scraps of paper with scribbles & spilt coffee all over them. he said "pick the three you hate the least & we'll start there"...i laughed. he picked up an acoustic guitar & started playing them...
the problem was we didn't hate any of them. there were some that were strong songs but maybe not what we were looking for...still it was not easy to chisel it down to just three.

with our trusted studio overlord matt "saucy" appleton @ the board we went down into the basement & started playing. it really felt like i had never left...SAME ASSHOLES, SAME DRAMA...just kidding, it was great. feldy is a master at arranging...getting to the best part of a song & scraping away all the unneccessary bullshit. kelly is truly one of the most ripping bass players i've ever heard & me...well it's my job to keep things from getting too, uh...easy.

so far we're three songs in...there's this sorta creepy/happy song about asking your significant other to kill you called "Bury Me"...then a straight up old-school Goldfinger stomp about pretending the world doesn't suck when it clearly does titled "Front of the Line" and last (so far), my personal favorite called "Without Me"...NO IT'S NOT A FUCKING deals with fake friends & the shit people talk while taking everything they can from you. this cheery little number reminds me of mid-era Social D. (with a little Bow Wow Wow thrown into the solo courtesy of yours truly). in the words of the always the well spoken & eloquent darrin pfeiffer "i'm fucking pumped about these songs!"'s too early for an exact release date yet but we'll keep you up to speed on what we're doing around here.

until whenever...charlie week's installment "Handjobs for Jesus".

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